YELL & Coquitlam Youth: Stories of Leadership, Community Building & Innovation

YELL (Young Entrepeneur Leadership Launchpad) is an organization centered around providing mentorship and education for young leaders. Educators, YELL partners, mentors, and community leaders work together to support the confidence and problem-solving skills of the youth in YELL’s various courses.

Last year, The Coquitlam Foundation awarded YELL Canada with a grant for $2500 to fund their project entitled “YELL & Coquitlam Youth: Stories of Leadership, Community Building & Innovation”. The project involved creating three video shorts, each showcasing one Coquitlam youth leader’s story. The videos include commentary from educators and mentors from the community who have played a role in the youth’s leadership and innovation journey.

The videos will be shared with various local community organizations and broadcasted publicly to enhance Coquitlam youths’ sense of empowerment, belonging, and possibility.