Estate and Bequest Administration

Should the Coquitlam Foundation be left a bequest, we are honoured to be part of your giving heart of Coquitlam and will strive to help the donor’s generous legacy provide an ongoing positive impact in our community.

As the executor or lawyer of an estate that has left a bequest to the Coquitlam Foundation, we are here to help. If the donor has already set up an Estate Fund and that fund is listed in the will as where the gift is to go, we are aware of the donor’s wishes and will strive to implement them once the funds are received.

If the donor hasn’t set up an Estate Fund with us, the Coquitlam Foundation will require the following information to process the bequest.


If the bequest lists the Coquitlam Foundation as a specific value beneficiary, we will need:

  • the dollar amount is designated to Foundation
  • Copy of the Will, or section of the Will that names the Coquitlam Foundation as a beneficiary.


If the bequest lists the Coquitlam Foundation as a residual beneficiary where a percentage of the residue of an estate is designated to the Foundation, we will need:

  • Copy of the Will
  • Copy of the Inventory of Assets (prepared as part of the Application for Probate)
  • Final Estate Accounting

The required information and cheques, made payable to the Coquitlam Foundation, are to be sent to:

Coquitlam Foundation
c/o 1207 Pinetree Way
Coquitlam, BC V3B 7Y3

Donor Information:

It is important to us to know as much as we can about our generous donors; we would be truly appreciative if you could share with us any information, photo, biographical or otherwise, about the donor. We feel it is important that the donor be recognized so that recipients know who provided them with the gift.