Types of Funds

There are several different options available in which you can be part of the giving heart of Coquitlam. The choice is up to you.

The Coquitlam Foundation has a general fund called the Coquitlam Foundation Community Grant that allows the Foundation to meeting the various priorities of the community from year to year. This allows you to support the changing needs within Coquitlam and address future needs that many not be currently anticipated. The fund current supports arts and culture, education and literacy, health and community wellness, heritage, historical, conservation, environment and seniors in need.

Would you like a more hands on approach? Why not consider a Donor-advised fund? This allows you to be involved in the use of your gift. When you set up this fund, you work with Foundation staff to determine what issue or issues are most important to you. From then on you can either gather applications to review or the Foundation can do that on your behalf. Once you have made your recommendation to the Foundation’s board for approval, the foundation distributes the grant from the fund you have established. You can involve your family or staff in the decision making process so they can see the positive impact they are having. Then you can join us on stage at our June Awards ceremony where we recognize the donors and the recipients of the awards.

Let us do all the work for you. A Foundation Directed Fund it is blend of an Unrestricted Fund and the Donor Advised Funds. The difference is you can direct the funds for a specific cause and let the Coquitlam Foundation do the work. We put out the call for applications to the fund, the Foundation’s Grant Committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the board. You don’t have to do anything but watch the positive impact of your philanthropic generosity.

If you want to be able to help the charity of your choice, you can set up a fund which will provide an ongoing source of money to that charity. As long as the charity or non-profit organization is recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency, Foundations are able to support your interest in supporting that organization. You identify the recipient you wish to benefit through your gift; the foundation manages the annual distribution of funds.

Are you a local not-for-profit organization? This is a great option for you. You can easily establish your own endowment fund through the Coquitlam Foundation. Some have already taken advantage of this and realize a permanent endowment fund can provide their organization with an ongoing source of revenue. It allows you to promote it to supporters of your organization who can help you build your fund further.

If you are considering a bequest to the Coquitlam Foundation the best way of ensuring your desired intentions is to work with Foundation staff to establish an Estate Fund. For a one time non-refundable invest of $1,000, a fund with your desired name and purpose is established. This allows you to simply list the Coquitlam Foundation in your will along with the fund name. The $1,000 investment remains part of your fund.