Donor-Advised Funds in Coquitlam

Private donors come to the Coquitlam Foundation for assistance and financial expertise to establish and grow funds that will contribute to the community in a unique and ever-lasting way.

Donor-advised funds make it possible to create a ‘mini-foundation’ without the delay, legal and administrative costs, or the risk, of creating a separate foundation. Fundholders also benefit from the opportunity to access proven financial management and keep expenses down through shared costs. Donor-advised funds may be structured as ‘Family/Memorial’, ‘Agency’, ‘Corporate’ or ‘Specialty’ funds. Funds may be intended to build capital to generate bursary/scholarship funds or grants, or the donor may design a fund that offers both.

With donor-advised (‘restricted’) funds, the donor enters an agreement with the foundation. In the agreement, the donor may stipulate specific uses for the earnings on the fund, subject to final approval by the Coquitlam Foundation Board.

Enquiries about funds or fund-development should be directed to Dwight Yochim, our Executive Director at

DONOR-ADVISED FUNDS held at this time:

Family/Memorial Funds:

Agency Funds:

Specialty Funds: