Tri-Cities Brain Injury Support – Helping Brain Injury Survivors Enjoy the Outdoors

The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association received an $800 grant from the Coquitlam Foundation’s Community Diversity Fund. The Tri-City Brain Injury Support Group, consisting of brain injury survivors, holds group outings which often requires having many support people to ensure each individual’s safety. Prior to receiving this fund, the group mostly met during the winter, and had limited summer programming. With the aid of this grant, the association was able to double what they had previously been able to do in the summer for brain injury survivors in the area.

On August 15, 2018, group members (who are brain injury survivors themselves) planned and held a fully-accessible Lake Day at Belcarra. Of the 40+ group members, 32 attended the Lake Day, only four of which had been able to visit Belcarra before. The grant was used to rent picnic shelter space at Belcarra, provide food, and provide an honorarium for an attending student volunteer who had first aid and life guard training.

Not only did this outing help the group members enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner, but it also allowed the group members who planned the event – former professionals who can no longer work – to grow and feel fulfilled in their own way.

All leftover supplies and food from the Lake Day were used to support a disabled sailing day with the Jericho Disabled Sailing Association on August 26th, 2018.