Project Lokomat – Bringing Lokomat Therapy to Surrey Neuromotion Clinic

The Project Lokomat campaign was launched in November of 2017 by the Neuromotion Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Clinics and the Drive for the Cure Foundation. With the goal of helping individuals with brain and neurological disorders, stroke, or spinal cord injury regain their ability to walk, the project is raising money to bring a Lokomat® machine to Fraser Valley. 

The Lokomat® is a rehabilitation device that optimizes recovery. Its harness allows the user to maintain excellent posture and facilitates repetitive movements, allowing individuals to improve on their walking. With over 300 000 people in BC already living with neurological conditions and more and more developing brain/spinal cord injury, stroke, or Parkinson’s disease each year, bringing the Lokomat® to the community would be monumental in providing such individuals with the best rehabilitative tools.  

This is a much-needed tool for the future of the community’s health, as every year in BC:

  • 500 more people will have a spinal cord injury
  • 2900 more people will have a stroke
  • 900 more people will be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease
  • 22 000 more people will have a brain injury

So far, Project Lokomat has raised over $155 000 with the help of various funders, including $5000 from the Coquitlam Foundation in 2018. This money will go toward bringing the Lokomat machine, which costs $500 000 CAD, into the Surrey Neuromotion clinic.