The Coquitlam Foundation is searching for an Executive Director

The Executive Director will be tasked with executing the Foundation’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.
To do this, the Executive Director will primarily need to focus on community engagement and fund development.

On community engagement, the Executive Director will:
• represent the Foundation at community events;
• regularly meet with community stakeholders, such as current and prospective
Foundation event attendees, award recipients, and sponsors;
• maintain active relationships with other community foundations to ensure the Foundation is operating according to best practices; and
• take the lead in being the face of the Foundation, including by granting interviews, crafting press releases, and creating and managing the content on the Foundation’s website and social media channels.

On fund development, working with the Foundation’s Fund Development Committee, the Executive Director will:
• take the lead in planning and executing fund development events, such as the Foundation’s recent Power of Philanthropy events;
• take the initiative in following up on contacts made at those events;
• actively generate and maintain new relationships with persons, such as notaries,
lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors, who are well positioned to explain to potential donors how the Foundation can help them achieve their philanthropic goals;
• using approved precedents, prepare and have executed agreements establishing new funds; and
• reach out to existing donors and fund holders to maintain relations and seek feedback regarding the Foundation’s operations.

The Foundation’s endowment is currently nearly $4 million. Our Strategic Plan sets goals of having an endowment of $5 million by 2021, and of $10 million by 2028.

In addition to the above, the Executive Director will be responsible for managing part-time, contract staff (currently, an administrative assistant and bookkeeper).

The position will be a contract based, part-time role. The initial contract will be for a term of 1-year, and will repeatedly renew with 1-year renewal terms, subject to periodic performance and compensation reviews.

Please contact the Foundation’s Chair, Roch Ripley, at if you are interested in applying or if you have any questions regarding this opportunity.