The James Gordon Stewart Fund

Description of donor:

Before he died in December 2009 at the age of 83, Mr. Stewart directed in his will that

the foundation distribute monies to help people with Alzheimer’s and kidney disease as well as Tri-City students attending Simon Fraser University.

Purpose of Fund:

Founded in 2012 and seeded with a bequest from the estate of James Gordon Stewart, a long time Coquitlam resident who died in 2009, the James Gordon Stewart Fund is designed to support research into Alzheimer's and kidney disease, to aid patients afflicted by those diseases.


  • You must be on the Canada Revenue Agency’s List of Charities
  • You need to demonstrate how your project helps Alzhimer’s and kidney disease.

How to apply for this fund:

Each year, between early December and Mid-February, the Coquitlam Foundation accepts applications for its various funds. We will accept applications for this fund at that time through our application process.

How to donate to the fund: