Margaret Susan Price Fund

Description of donor:

Margaret Susan Price Fund

Sue was born in 1958 in New Westminster to Walter and Margaret “Peggy” Price and lived her whole life in the TriCity area. Although she was named after her Mom we all knew her as Sue.

She apparently was an amazing seamstress and in her younger years worked at Gold’s Fabrics. She enjoyed baking and cooking and was known for her elaborate dinners for family members. Sue worked for RBC in various positions from May,1979 until she passed in January of 2018.

Sue always looked totally put together. Many of her friends have remarked on how perfect she always looked. Never a hair out of place and lots of jewellery to complete her outfits. She loved powerful cars and almost always had a Hemi under the hood of whatever vehicle she was driving. However, what Sue loved most was animals. In particular cats. She was the ultimate cat lady. Although she had owned dogs, she always had a cat. At one time she had had four older cats but shortly after her mom passed, she lost the cats one after another which was devasting to her. She was very passionate about doing something for geriatric cats and had just started to get interested in helping out at an animal rescue. Her last cats Sydni & Charli came from a rescue and her world revolved around them. Her end goal was to be able to do something for cats when she retired, in particular older cats.

Unfortunately, that dream did not come to fruition but it is her love for cats on which this fund is focused.

Purpose of Fund:

The Foundation will consider the following criteria when determining to whom to disburse monies from the Fund:

  1. 60% is to go towards organizations that are in or serve the Tri-city area that rescue, rehabilitate and find adoptive homes for cats with an emphasis on the placement of adult/senior cats and that follow-up on placed rescues; and
  2. 40% to organizations that foster cats to live out their senior years with willing and able seniors. These can include programs that provide boarding of those cats in the event of holiday or travel plans and all vet bills including transportation to and from pet-related appointments.


Available to organizations:

  • Who are on the Canada Revenue Agency’s List of Charities
  • Whose activities are of benefit to the residents of Coquitlam
  • Who meet the stated purpose of this fund.

Awards will not necessarily be made for each purpose every year.

How to apply for this fund:

Each year, between early December and Mid-February, the Coquitlam Foundation accepts applications for its various funds. We will accept applications for this fund at that time through our application process.

2020 Community Grant Application

How to donate to the fund:

There are several ways you can give to the Foundation. To see all the options click on the following link: Giving Options.

You can donate to this fund by making a cheque made payable to the Coquitlam Foundation can be sent to:

P.O. Box 64710, Sunwood Square, Coquitlam, BC  V3B 0H1

Include a note that the donation is for the "Margaret Susan Price Fund". Donations sent this way of $25 or more will receive a tax receipt.