Coquitlam Stroke Recovery Fund

Description of donor:

Coquitlam Stroke Recovery Fund

Dogwood Pavilion isa social recreation centrefor adults50 years or better toget together, make new friends and enjoy a variety of leisure activities. It is a warm and friendly place with plenty of free parking. The pavilion is operated by the City of Coquitlam Parks, Recreation and Culture Department.

We also have a fully equipped woodworking shop, snooker room, lapidary workshop, computer lab, lounge and library.

This fund was originally named the Hollins Green Fund when it was under the direction of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society. It was hoped that interest from the capital could subsidize the Dogwood Stroke Recovery Club operating costs. In April of 1999 the fund was established in partnership with the Seniors Society. The fund is to maintain a capital fund and to annually disburse the interest on the fund at the direction of the Board of Directors of the Dogwood Pavilion Seniors’ Society.

Purpose of Fund:

The fund is to assist in the funding of the Dogwood Stroke Recovery Club.


This is a donor-advised fund advised by Dogwood Pavilions Seniors’Society themselves. The fund is to support the Dogwood Stroke Recovery Club.

How to apply for this fund:

This fund is not open for applications.

How to donate to the fund: